Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tatting ... tatting ... well, not actually tatting - just news ....

If you didn't already know --- Fox has a new address for her blog Tat-ology.  Link HERE or Visit her at:

I was delighted to have my name selected for Gracie's giveaway ... Needle Lace Flowers by Figen Cakir.   And, when envelope arrived, she enclosed a wonderful journal!   Isn't the cover pretty?   You may want to visit Gracie's blog, Needles, Pins + Dragonflies - Link HERE, to see her beautiful tatting, needlework, and more.   Don't forget to peek at her post - Rosie the Bear.   Too Cute!!!

 Notice a few shuttles hanging around the new books?  Yep, some round doilies and tatting shuttles arrived in the mail - from The Tatting Corner's recent sale.   I have not used the new shuttle with hook - pretty lime green : )  I bit larger than the Sunlit shuttle.    I thought I better start an 'edge' with a round piece, and not fuss with corners for my first try.

I saw this tatted edge on Tatlyn's blog, Tatting Treasures.    Then went on an on-line hunt!!!   I finally found the back issue of Old-Time Crochet (Autumn 1993)                   
 with the pattern.   It is Tatted Handkerchief Edging by Mary McCarthy.    I don't know if I'd put on anything - but was itching to give the pattern a try.

There are a couple more tatting related things in this issue:  Tatting Techniques by Rebecca Hollenbaugh  w/A Tatted Tab Collar in rose Motif and Picot Ribbon + Tatted Insertions.

Last load of laundry in the dryer - need to get the ironing started.   Enjoy!!!!!


Willow's Quiet Corner said...


Thanks for posting the link to Fox's new blog! I thought I had lost her! ! !

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Lots of news! I love the Moonlit shuttles, and I really like that hanky edging.

gracie said...

So happy you like the book and journal. I will check out the link next.