Friday, April 11, 2014

wee bit of tatting

Had some shuttles with beads loaded & made some doodles.   Grace Tan's heart pattern can be found on her blog - Grace Tats.   Carol's Butterfly pattern in the side bar or HERE.  I used Lizbeth, size 20 colors 139, 145 (pinks), 185 (blues/lavender).

While gathering with girlfriends, I tatted a familiar edge.                     
 The edge is called Marguerite
pattern by Mary Konior from A Tatting Book of Patterns.   Tatting for the Lafayette Lacemakers.    Not sure what event, but will be donated to the chapter for a Lace Demonstration event.   Using size 20 Lizbeth Color 603.    We were at the public library and after a test sample, I wandered upstairs to the book room.  The book with Johannes Vermeer's painting on the cover caught my eye first ... (The Girl with a Red hat, 1665/67).
 I found these five books, in five minutes, to total $4.50.   There are three books from a series called World of Art. Impressionism to Abstract Art has 207 illustrations, only 32 in color - but a nice book!  An AIC book about their collection -- and what I think a textbook with a beautiful photograph "Portrait of a Young Woman, called Mlle. Charlotte du Val d' Ognes"  1785.   Such a lovely image - says it is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.   So, I paid the $$$$ and am still awake browsing the art work instead of sleeping!!!   All are in good shape - and I didn't overpay per prices.   Fun ness.


GraceT said...

I'm tickled to see my little Trefoil Heart on your blog! :-)

God's Kid said...

Such sweet and beautiful hearts and butterflies!!! :)
And such a wonderful edging!!! :)

Karol Johns said...

That edging is beautiful. so are the hearts