Monday, October 23, 2017

Photo heavy post --Tollway Tatters

Edited 10/26/2017

Saturday was a gathering of the Tollway Tatters.   The first three photographs are tatted motifs by Diane (Lace-Lovin' Librarian) from (link HERE

Tatting PATTERNS - Snowflake Variations 

I could not imagine tatting snowflakes in these colors -- so I HAD to photograph and share.   Aren't they awesome? 

Not wanting to repeat her post .... think of this as  kind of part two of Lace-lovin' Librarian's blog post!   

 Please visit Diane's blog post, A Fun Filled Saturday,  ( link HERE ) as she has GREAT photos.   Diane blogs over at Lace-lovin'Librarian.  

This is the front cover of the tatting book:  Snowflake Variations by Robin Perfetti.   I paged thru & thought the diagrams were spectacular!  Looks like I need to add this title to the tatting library!

Sue Anna brought kits for all of the tatters.   It had Karey Solomon's pattern "Easiest Ice Blossom" - with beads, ice drop, and size 10 Yarnplayer's HDT "Spooky"  .

This one was tatted by Denise.   Denise used smaller beads and size 20 tatting fiber.   It is interesting how the different sized thread and color combinations make the pattern look different!!!    When Denise was home, she sent me this picture of her drops:   
Denise also found some lovely drops to share - and a small bag to match!!!   Sweet ....   

 The next few photographs are Barbara's tatting.   Oh my.   A few months back, I shared some flat beads that I found at JoAnn Fabrics.   Barbara tatted away!!!   Some with ice drop pieces, and some with decorated beads.   It is really nice to buy a pkg or strand and share/swap!   It enhances our collections ; )

 Below, a blue bead with lovely butterfly patterns (close up)

Below, a pumpkin Barbara tatted. 

Below, another bead in the center - tatted by Barbara.   So pretty!!!! 

    Barbara sent me this photograph 10/26 ... of her embellished drops: 

 In this photo, Barbara embellished the two ice drops on the left - with glitter polish and underneath some images from a photographer (or photographer magazine).   She also shared a container of what reminded me of FLAT marbles - these two have what reminded me of yellow flowers!     The larger one in the middle was shared by Mary .... a better image below.
See how COOL these are?   They are embellished glass pieces with glass ink!   Made and shared by Mary.   (photos above and below).   I don't know if Mary has a blog - I probably should have asked her.  
Mary was needle tatting (photo on Diane's blog post.).    Also, Nancy was needle tatting a lovely necklace.   Was natural color with pastel beads.   So pretty!   And thank you Ana for the wonderful Honey beverage - was great for the drive home! 

 Above, another photo of the ice drop piece from Mary - AND, some new-to-me metallic fiber.   Diane shared some yardage.   It is a DMC product she purchased from Shuttle by Design - it is called DMC Diamant, metallic thread, 35m/38.2 yd   .

I added some more to my tatted edge (#1143).  I keep it on a Magical edging keeper -- better image here.   I find this little tool keeps my edge stored nicely!!!   As for the pattern ...  This tatting pattern can be found in the Helping Hands Newsletter, Vol 20 issue#3, pg 10 -- Fall 2012.  Originally published:  Old and New Designs in Tatting by Sophie T. LaCroix, Book No. 11.

And, for inquiring minds, 
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Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

You always take wonderful pictures! I'm a snap and run kind of photographer. It was great to see you again!

God's Kid said...

Ohhh, I missed a lot of fun, but am so very glad you all had a great time again!!! :)
Everything is so very beautiful!!! :)