Saturday, November 18, 2017


GF, Denise, sent a nice e-mail telling me about Cathy Bryant's book, Tatting.    She had so many wonderful things to say about it --- that I looked on line & found on alibris site.    It is considered "complete beginner's guide to tatting" ; however, the information is very valuable (IMO) to those already tatting!    The nice step-by-steps, illustrations, and even a few patterns.   If you get the chance, give it a read.

Also, I recently acquired Tatting Lace 101 - Edging & Motif ideas 
(ISBN978-4-529-05695-3. )  80 pgs.    
Beautiful photos.   Excellent step-by-step & numbered diagrams.   
Printed in Japan c.NIHON VOGUE-SHA 2017

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