Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Just Beyond the Basics: Holiday Edition

Pattern:  Triangular Motif

cKaren H Thompson, 2020

I used DMC perle coton No. 8.  #471 green.   The 2nd little triangle seemed easier than the first one.  Once I finished it, it went missing - and I found it this evening.   It must have attached to the cover cloth or something.   Now I'm more careful to put them in a plastic sleeve.

Pattern:  Candle [More Options]

cKaren H Thompson, 2020

This is the 3rd candle, WIP.   There are three patterns with different color options.  So, the pattern has a total of four candles.   I used DMC perle coton No. 8.  #726 yellow, #321 red.     I hope to finish this one tonight and start the fourth one soon.

Good News - there will be another bobbin lace class in January (and February) with H E A R T S.   Right?   I'm so excited.   These sessions are so helpful - it is wonderful to learn a little at a time, practice inbetween, and look forward to the next project.


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