Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Needle Lace for Community Lace Project

 I admit not having much needle lace experience.
The beginner instructions are step-by-step & I'd like to participate.

This Community Lace Project is interesting to me.
Leaves!!!   I found the information in the IOLI link and Maggie Hensel Brown's page.

From Facebook:     Community lacemaking with Maggie Hensel Brown an opportunity to celebrate St. Catherine's Day. Full details of Maggie's Community Lacemaking Project can be found here: https://www.maggiehenselbrown.com/community-lacemaking
She needs hundreds (if not thousands) of needle lace leaves as per the description on her website to create a work of art to be exhibited in Sydney Australia in May. 

Leaves must be received by March. This effort is also being supported by the IOLI in the form of a challenge. https://lacechallenge.internationalorganizationoflace.org/

Perhaps your group would like to assemble and learn how to make the needle lace leaves via videos and written instructions on Maggie's website. Every contributor will be listed and acknowledged in an effort to recognize lacemakers who have so often been anonymous.



Lavinia said...

I've never done needle lace either. Tatting caught my eye first. Good luck with your leaf!

Marilee Rockley said...

Wow, that's an ambitious effort. I'll look forward to seeing the finished work of art with the needle lace leaves when it's shown next year. I don't think I'll be doing a leaf myself...well, maybe.