Wednesday, November 15, 2023

What is the Community Lacemaking Project?

Please visit the Maggie Hensel-Brown web link above.
to find out more about the Community Lace making Project!!

"The community lacemaking project will be a single, large piece of lace to be exhibited in Sydney in mid 2024. It will measure at least three square metres.


A tapestry of small needle lace motifs, designed and pieced together by Maggie Hensel-Brown, but made by hundreds of others."



Jane McLellan said...

Your link didn’t work for me. Sounds very interesting.

muskaan said...

Sounds really interesting! Hope you show us a pic of the finished project.

muskaan said...

The link under the image does not work.

Lavinia said...

That sounds very interesting! It's nice that multiple people can contribute.