Monday, December 12, 2011

11th Tatting Day - Theme Jingle Bells

Pattern by Merie Lettieri
(who is the President of The Great Lakes Lace Group)

I may have made a couple mistakes along the way.   
Tatted with size 40 LizBeth fiber.
If I try this pattern again, I was thinking to make it with
white or ecru fiber.

I tatted another blue bell from the
Mini Tats book by

I added a bead to this one - think I like it.
Made with size 20 LizBeth fiber.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

11th Tatting Day - Theme Jingle Bells

So, here is my bell -- tatted with AB 1324.
(it is lt blue with silver thread).

I tatted the bell pattern found in 

(no, didn't win the contest - did enjoy participating)

Near the end of Tatting Day,
one of the participants handed out a beautiful tatted
angel to every person who attended!

How exciting ; )

Mine has been hanging up on my pin rack - near my desk.

I went on-line and found a similar pattern.
If you 'd like to try this angel, see
for the pattern and variations.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

11th Tatting Day - Theme Jingle Bells

Oh yes - there were exclusive tatting projects taught 
during Tatting Day.   I'm just a very slow tatter!   Did enjoy learning 
new tatting technique and think I can get these done before the holiday.

This is the kit from Kay Judt -- eventually, I will get the tatting
completed and the ornament assembled.
Her pattern is wonderful and she showed us how to put it all together.

OK, so my tatted piece (on the red thimble) isn't much,
some day it will be finished!   I think I need to start over as my
chains are a mess.   Would look better if they were
a better tension.

This is a start on a bell pattern
by Merie Lettieri - I was using size 40 fiber
for the very first time.

I love the color (#644).   This pattern can
be made with picots, or beads, with jingle bells added.

Yes, Merie thought of variations on her pattern.

This one is staying out on the desk to get more rings and chains done.
I'd really like to make it thru the whole pattern!

These teachers are great and attending these classes is wonderful.
I've learned so much and enjoyed the people I've met.

With this darn cold that slowed me down,
I feel like I'm 7-10 days behind everything I had planned!

Feeling much better and looking forward to the holiday festivities.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

11th Tatting Day - Theme Jingle Bells (shopping)


I confess, after reading Diane's Post
about both of these tatting toys, I was looking forward
to attending Tatting Day,
not only for the instruction - but the SHOPPING!!!

It was great to have the opportunity to
try using the shuttle
before deciding to purchase.   And, for the size,
it was kinda easy to use (in my opinion).

I ended up with three of them ...
and, I've lined them up
in this photo so you can see the size.

The first is a Tatsy, followed by
THREE Starlit Tatting Shuttles.
then the Lacis with point, Boye with pic, and Amber Clover.

I'm thinking this size will be very nice to use when adding beads.

As for the thread holder --- oh my, why did I only pick out TWO?
They are perfect for keeping the cats away ; )

Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Butterfly Project

Pattern is Mom's Butterfly by Jennifer Titus; tatted by me on fabric-paper using LizBeth size 20 fiber.

Was taught at Lace Day, sponsored by the Lafayette Lacemakers.

To date, this project has been my best (tatted) piece.   Thank you to my tatting friends for your patience, instruction, patterns, and sharing.   It means so much to me.

Tomorrow, I'm going to mail it to Houston, Texas for 
The Butterfly Project.


Friday, November 25, 2011


This Meme from Anna's blog, Stitch Bitch

1. How will you be spending your Thanksgiving this year?
Home with husband, daughter, sons
2. Will you be cooking or are you just an eater?
Unfortunately, came down with a cold and DH cooked out on the grill.   Made corn casserole.   With DD's help, double baked potato.   Had salads from deli.   Pie from grocery store where DS works.
3. Do you watch the parade every year or football?
I don't care for sports.   Enjoy the parade - once the parade began.   Lots of musicals (promos) ahead of the parade on nbc.   
4. Whats your favorite float?
Hello Kitty.   (who turned 37 on her birthday Nov 1st).    

5. Dark meat or white meat? 
Prefer a chicken roaster over turkey - and probably white.
6. What is your favorite dish besides the turkey?
I made a chicken roaster, stuffing, corn casserole on Tuesday night (as both of our DS didn't have class that night).   I think the corn casserole turned out well this year.
7. Homemade cranberry sauce or cranberry sauce from the can?
I prefer a cranberry cocktail, or cranberry juice.   
8. Do you decorate for Christmas on Thanksgiving day?   No.   I like to decorate on Dec 24th and put it all away on Dec 26th.   (the family prefers it out longer, and if they get motivated decorate earlier in December)

9. What are some special family traditions

Watching the Purina Dog show on t.v.
10. Pumpkin pie or pecan?
Pumpkin.   This year we had grocery store - DD is planning to make a couple with home made pie crust over the week-end.   One year I made pumpkin pie from a pumpkin - baked the shell, etc.   It took a very long time!    After that, back to pumpkin from the can.   
11. What is your favorite thing to do with the leftovers?
When I make ham, have a yellow split pea soup that I make with carrots, onion, bay leaf, spices.   When I have poultry left overs, I make a casserole with macaroni noodles + veggies.
12. How long will you spend eating your Thanksgiving meal?
Ten minutes!   Maybe 15.    We usually post pone the pie for an hour.   None of us remembered to uncork some wine!
13. Are you worried about putting on weight this Thanksgiving?
No, there was very little left over from our meal.   
14. What do you normally eat at Thanksgiving?
Either a ham or chicken roaster.   We have a small family + it works for us.   In the past, when relatives visit, I've made turkey - but, usually the group prefers a ham.   I try to have fresh fruit salad and fresh toss salad and steam veggies.   
15. What will you be thankful for this Thanksgiving?
DH and all 3 kidz are working and Boyz doing well at Purdue.   
16. What is your best Thanksgiving memory
One year, we were going to in-laws for a meal.  One of the kidz got sick that a.m.    Had no groceries in the house and ended up making a crock of chili.   The following week, one of the kidz had to write an essay on their meal + mine had to write about eating chili for dinner.
17. Will you be waking up early to hit the sales? No

18. Are you planning on going shopping the day after Thanksgiving? No

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mr. Katt

I asked DS-N to get a chicken roaster + ground coffee at the grocery store (as I woke with a head cold).   He tried to phone me 2x and his phone wouldn't connect with mine.   He comes out of the store with a Whole Chicken, Ground Coffee, and an oval roasting pan.    We both chuckled and shrugged our shoulders.   Oh well, I have pans.    

Brought bag in the house, put it on the table, and Mr. Katt has been sleeping in it off/on all day.   When he left the pan to get a drink of water, I went over to the table + he hopped right back it!   Didn't want me to move his new sleeping quarters.

Did you notice the pan is still in the grocery bag? 

Monday, November 07, 2011


This is an excellent book (IMO)
Should you get the chance, don't pass it by!

(paperback + kindle)

Some of you may recall ...

hosted a 700 Followers Giveaway ...
And I was the lucky winner ; )

I received a charming hand decorated tin
filled with buttons!    In addition, carded buttons, and a bag
of  buttons (yes - too many to fit into one tin).

So generous!  And I am enjoying them all!
My photo isn't great (weather), you can see all the special
gifts on Laurie's post:   Still Falling ....

Currently, there is a Button Ornament Swap
being coordinated.   Sign up NOW if interested.

Details on the blog!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Found 2" size, not 3" size

I'm going to give Christa's tatting pattern a go ...
It is called "Colonial Ladies" Tiny Tatted Trim

These wooden pieces will eventually be dolls with bonnets, lace collars, and skirt trims.

I searched hi/lo for these pieces - found a couple pkg at a superJoAnnFabrics store, and look forward to giving the tatting a try.   (couldn't find the the 3" size.)

Actually, I'm not exactly sure which size is for the pattern - but I can adjust fiber size 

What fun - I may order the 3" on-line as they aren't expensive for a pkg of 10.

The pattern was in the latest 
L.A.C.E. newsletter.

And, check out Christa's blog:
Feeling Blessed

Stay tuned .....

A Winner ..............

Guess who won the 700 followers giveaway?


Thx Laurie : )

Check out the Button Tin Photo

Hurry up Mr. Postman ...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

First Attempts ...

Several months ago,
I visited LaPorte, IN
and found a Workbasket Magazine

with this tatting pattern ---
called Summertime means Butterflies
by Mary H. McCarthy

And, I made a couple attempts.
I think with the pearl beads - will need to use a different size crochet cotton (maybe size 10)
Or, I may need to use smaller round beads ... but, after messing it up the first time around,

I did manage to get the blue butterfly tatted!

I also tatted this lovely pattern by   Jon Yusoff
(made a few hearts using this pattern)
I enjoy making up this heart!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Mom's Butterfly

This was taught at Lace Day
and I enjoyed tatting the edge on this butterfly.

And, after Monday's On-line Tatting Class, I managed to get the butterfly body completed today.

I think, if I try this again (and I have the paper-material for butterfly body), 
I might do the rings a bit differently.    Instead of the shoelace trick, maybe a SCMR.  

The other lesson learned - is to have the holes in the butterfly closer to the edge.

Hope to see some tatting friends at
I think I have DH talked into going with me the day before 
- I'm hoping weather is nice + we can tour the Art Museum in Indianapolis,
 or find someplace else to visit.   

Friday, September 30, 2011

Cannot get over the WIND ... was up most of the night.   News reports many without power.  

keeping my fingers crossed .... power still on

Friday, September 23, 2011

Time to tat .... 6-6:30 EST:

Directly from the Palmetto Tatter's Web Site:

(Photo above - this is what everyone will be tatting)

Guinness Book of World Records and Facebook
One exciting thing we hope to achieve this year at Tat Days is to get in the Guinness Book of World Records! Yes!

Friday afternoon, between 6 and 6:30 (EST), 

we will all be tatting the same pattern at the same time-making snowflakes. We will be using our Tat Off! Pattern. When searching the Guinness Records, we found 0 entries for tatting. We will be the first! And the world will know tatting is NOT a lost art!
(Note: In the end, it will be up to the Guinness folks to accept our numbers. We have done the paperwork and have a local person to certify. We will see.)

IF you would like to JOIN IN in the FUN, find Palmetto Tatters onFacebook at the same time and add a comment or check our Chat. Let us know you are with us including your location by country. Take a picture, too, if you want.
HELP SPREAD THE WORD: Tweet it. Blog it. Post it. Friday, September 23, 2011, Palmetto Tatters Guild on Facebook, 6 to 6:30 EST. Pattern at Comment or Chat with us on Facebook. Let us know your location by country. How far can we reach?
We may, just maybe, have VIDEO to go along with our tatting and chatting. Watch this space and Facebook for details. And, please do not be upset with us if the technology just does not work out in the GA mountains to make the video happen. Thanks.

Link to Pattern:

Link to Facebook page:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

White Oak Tatting Shuttle Giveaway

Heather, blogging at Tatted Treasures 
giving away a White Oak 
tatting shuttle

on Saturday.

It is made by David Reed Smith.

Visit Tatted Treasures Blog for details.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mr. Katt

Looked all over for Mr. Katt ---
and found him in my GOOD bag!!

He was crouching low + peeking out to watch the birds.

I try to explain to him that he cannot sit in my GOOD bag
and he just looks at me - puzzled.

He is finally off the furniture (today anyway).

When he gets tired of exploring,
he goes back into DS's room and takes a nap!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Small doodles, tatted motifs ....

I have a few doodles for the
Peotone, IL

Two members of L.A.C.E.
will be there demonstrating.

I hope the stars align and I can get over there Sunday afternoon.

These (flower colors) tatted motifs are for Lafayette Lacemakers
to hand out during the Feast of the Hunter's Moon
Lafayette, IN (next weekend)

DH and I went last year and enjoyed the whole day.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mom's Butterfly

Lafayette Lacemakers has a new blog.  

(I know! - bored here .... go right over there and check it out)

As I was posting information on their blog pages,
I wanted to find some pix of my tatted projects from
And, when I didn't find any on the computer files - 
I figured I'd pull out one of the projects + take new photos.

I kept thinking about the blue butterfly we worked on in class
and how pretty the finished model looked (at the class ...)
and, remembered where my bag was.

I pulled out the bag, reviewed the pattern and cut off
the size 10 fiber, 
Started over with a size 20 fiber.   

That was around 11:30pm .... Yes, you guessed, lost track of time.   
Cannot imagine how it got to be 2am.

Mom's Butterfly
c. Jennifer L. Titus, 2011

I added more of the edge + think I will complete this tomorrow later this morning.  

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Doodles in the mail ....

Spent some time tatting yesterday + these are in the mail ... for Palmetto Tatters

I tried the Dragonfly Pattern from Jon's Tatting Patterns Blog (without the beads) and they came out great.  There are more Flutters, too.    (another of Jon's patterns)     Jon must sprinkle magic on her patterns, as I find them easy to follow.   Included in the mix of bugs ... is Jane's Cherry Blossom Pattern.  I need more practice with it!

Special thx to Sheron who compiled a spreadsheet of Tatting Doodle Patterns.  She encourages us to share this information with others!   Job well done Sheron ; )

Sheron defines a doodle as:

What is a doodle? To me a doodle is something that takes just a few yards of thread, something you can make to finish off the thread left on a
shuttle after you finish a project, something that takes 30 minutes or less for most tatters, something that can be recognized when a stranger looks at it, something you give away.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Old Mill Fall Fest

Click on image to enlarge

Peotone Windmill

Historical Society

note from my MIL:

Design by Jon Yusoff
pattern can be found on
Jon's Tatting Patterns blog.

About a week ago, I sent my Mother-in-Law a note, and I enclosed a tatted Flutter.   I was tatting them for various events + thought she'd like to have one, too.    In her note back to me she says:

Thanks for "Flutter" - Its so pretty.  Oh, how nice to make beautiful things - your tatting goup sounds like fun and be sure to tell your Tatting Group of my special talent -- I can hem a dress or sew buttons on : )

Can you imagine one day, when my skills improve, how thrilled she will be to receive a larger tatted motif???

Enjoy the week-end ....

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A heart for a friend ...

design by Jon Yusoff

tatted by me using Flora size 20
--- either my tatting skills are improving, or with practice patterns are easier to read,
or Jon has a way with instructions + diagrams!!!

this tatted up quickly - and I thought was so pretty.

This tatted heart design can be found
Jon's Tatting Patterns Blog.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Going in the mail ...

These little bugs are going in the mail.

The are for the Palmetto Tatters. Information here:
Palmetto Tatter State Fair Page

forgot to mention .... Flutters
is a pattern from
Jon's Tatting Patters Blog

The other patterns are made up ; )

Monday, August 29, 2011


These small tatted pieces are on their way to Lafayette, IN

They are intended for the Lafayette Lacemakers who will be at

Global Festival.

When I'm not struggling with a pattern,
Tatting is so relaxing - I should do more of it!

Monday, August 22, 2011

"It matches my snake!"

This past week-end, DH, DD + I went to the Lubeznik Center for the Arts
Lakefront Art Festival

While browsing the booths, talking with the artists
(awesome Scrimshaw, btw)

I came accross a small bin of pottery and nearly screamed
out loud "It Matches my Snake!" --- thank goodness, Lynn U
(from NANI)
was in the same booth - or, I probably would have startled the passers by.

Yet, really, the pottery matches my bobbin lace snake - perfectly!!!

During Show-n-Tell at Saturday's L.A.C.E. meeting, member Marianne had made a crochet table runner (very kewl with a hot pepper) and said she arranged her bobbin made snakes on her condiment containers.

So, when I saw the little pottery - I bought it right away, for my first lace snake to adorn. I was told we should keep our first project. Tho, I kind of like the 2nd one I'm making a bit better. Fewer errors and all ...

I was looking for a notecard to send to my MIL, and DH lead me to Margaret Michael card display. Oh my, there were raccoons, squirrels, birds, and this sweet bunny card hopped right into my hands! Sent my MIL a card with the Mother bird feeding the baby birds in the nest -- kept the bunny card ....

Sunday, August 21, 2011

ok, stop laughing now ...

Karol and I went to the
L.A.C.E. Class on Saturday. We are new members to the group.

The members are friendly and welcome new lace (beginners) makers. Whew, thank goodness - tho, just seeing the examples is such a treat!

The meeting was interesting + we took a break before starting the class. Was able to purchase some second hand bobbins + books. This book is a real treasure, diagrams are wonderful!

The class taught by an accomplished lacemaker. Goodness, she is very knowledgeable and has that special way of demonstrating - she makes it look effortless!!!

I took the pins out when I got home and was
quite happy with what I had accomplished. Noticed the errors, can learn from the mistakes.

This was my first attempt with
such fine thread - and, I learned a couple new
bobbin twists and turns. And, what a needle pin is used for.

It is very rhythmic once you get the hang of
the pattern --- then, things change to make the lace interesting.

After I get my snake finished (realized I wound the bobbins the wrong way - and that was chaos on the little pillow!!!) I hope to get this one back on the lace pillow and get more elements made.

It is a beautiful pattern!

The next class is knitting on a spool - with beads and wire. Me, knitting? I'm a horrible knitter - class does sound interesting!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lace Exhibit, Atkinson IL



August 20, 2011 will be the opening day
of the lace collection
of the Holevoet family as arranged by Art Holevoet.

The museum opens at 9 am and at 10 am the lace event will begin.
Lace show is from 10 am - 4 pm.
Aktinson Muesuem is next to the town hall at 402 N. State Street, Atkinson, IL

Ladies from the Moline Belgian Cultural Center will be
demonstrating lacemaking from mid-morning until early afternoon.

While the large collection of framed lace will remain a part of the permanent collection,
this opening day event is being planned
to stimulate intereste in lace and in the museum of ATKINSON, IL.

Directions from Rockford, IL - Take 39 south to I 80, then west to Atkinson. Take exit to Atkinson, at end of exit - go left 3 blocks or more to a STOP sign for Route 6 - drive staight ahead.

Atkinson Blvd is State Street. 3 block & Wells Fargo bank on LEFT. TOWN HALL IS ON RIGHT. Museum is next to town hall.

402 N. State Street.

Lace show 9 am - 4 pm

Friday, August 12, 2011

Mosey 'n me

Mosey 'n me
This is a free design,
Link Here

I used Valdani 3-strand floss.

If you want to see it -- come to the Lake Co Fair
Crown Point, Indiana.

NANI volunteers will be in the Family Arts and Craft Building today
from 10am - 3:45 pm.

Bring along your punch needle, too!