Tuesday, April 01, 2014

April 1st: International Tatting Day

These are the tatting pieces I shared earlier today:
This is my pattern. So bright and colorful!   I added some beads.   The beads were gifts (to me) from Lace-Lovin' Librarian and GF Beth.   I used HH Lizbeth size 20 Col 139, Col 131, + Col 117; and Flora 20, Col 13.    Free pattern, Link in side bar - HERE.

Carol's Butterfly Pattern - Lizbeth size 20, Col. 139

The lovely hearts are based on Grace Tan's pattern - Small Trefoil Heart.   I added beads.  I used HH Lizbeth Size 20, Col. 139.   Grace blogs at Grace Tats.    Link to free pattern - HERE.

The three yellow/creme butterfly are A Summer's Memory - Four Butterfly Patterns from Mary Maynard, Link HERE.     I was not able to get butterfly #3 tatted - all was a mess!!!  These were patterns from the On-Line weekly tatting class.   Link here.  Check out the class homework blog - link HERE.    May try these patterns again some day.    I used Flora 20, Color 13.   Beads from GF Beth and Diane who blogs as Lace-Lovin' Librarian.

I read about the Wednesday Challenge posted on the Shuttlebirds blog.   I like their challenges + do attempt from time-to-time.   The post is HERE.    Or FaceBook page link.   I pulled out the shuttles and tatted up some pieces to give away.    I met GB Beth and she had FIRST choice.   We went into her church and gave away all but 3 pieces to the Secretary, Manager, and the group of women who were sewing.   Enjoyed hearing about their tatting [needle tatting] and hearing about relatives who tatted.    We had lunch and I gave the last three away to the Cashier, helper, and cook!   All Gone ; )      


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

What a lovely lot of butterflies! I think I may have to tat a few of these and show the kids how to use beads. Thanks for sharing your pattern!

God's Kid said...

Great butterflies and hearts!!! :) Love all the wonderful colors!!! :)