Wednesday, February 14, 2018

D12: Tat It and See


Tat It and See

..... hmmmmmmm

What do you think?    More tatting at Jane Eborall's blog site.

A tatted sea maiden.   That is my best guess.

Tatted with Lizbeth, size 20 fiber.   

Color 117 Country Side  (blue/green mix). 
 Color 127 Butterfly Breeze   (pastels) 

Jane Eborall:
Tat It and See -
Web site - Tatting Patterns by Jane Eborall:
Blog - Shuttle Tatting and NOT a Lot Else:

Tatting shuttles:   
PETER CUA Shuttle .... visit:  Tatting and Design.
Picot Gauge set + holder .... visit:  Grizzly Mountain Arts.  
Embellished blue shuttle .... visit:  Shuttle by Design.  

1 comment:

Madtatter80 said...

Both look great, I wished I used slightly bigger beads for the eyes