Saturday, February 10, 2018

TIAS d10

oooo .... looking like a 'something'

a shell-less turtle?    a fancy bird?   Wooden tatting shuttles are sold by Veronica, Tatting Shuttles Etsy Link HERE.

probably a sea maiden.    or?

Jane keeps us guessing thru the game.

Have you visited Jane Eborall's blog,  Tat It and See -- no?

link here:

should be more clues to conclude our tatted piece.

 I have been tatting squares and think this fiber must have been a size 30 or  size 40 .   Maybe a 20 - is is 3cm x 3cm ...

small tatted heart. ( emiko-kitao-japanese )  this is from Tatting Lace (Japan).  Applemints publication.   Shuttle embellished by Diane.   ( Lace Lovin Librarian ).      

I also purchased Marilee's heart pattern, Heart Aglow.   ( Yarnplayer's Etsy )   
   ... looking forward to tatting the lovely hearts.   Have you seen it?  Pendent, bracelet, earrings ... 


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

It's beginning to look like a sea creature of some sort! A lobster, perhaps? I LOVE the shuttle with the blue bird!

gracie said...

I still have no clue as to what you gals are making...following with interest! I love your tatting...always so perfect.