Monday, February 05, 2018



So, now we are getting somewhere .....

Fish -- with a fin?   Shark?   Anyone hear the theme music from Jaws?

 would be fun to tat up a school of fish.   And before I am asked, the fish shuttles (for sale thru the Tatting Corner and Handy Hands, perhaps other places) were designed by Sherry Townsend.    "The eye is Mother-of-Pearl and the tail is used as a pick."     In my photo, the Golden Horn & Dark Horn are shown.   And, guess what?   There is an Albino horn, too --- yep, I cannot wait to have it in hand.   Link:

 I pulled out my brown lip shell shuttle and my abalone shuttle - theme in mind, "sea creature", ie squid.   maybe mermaid.    

When I turned my pastel tatted piece -- I had new ideas:

 What about a bouquet of flowers?   or, balloons?


------------------- stay tuned.    a few more clues in the upcoming days.

check out Jane Eborall's blog .... creative tatters have interesting guesses.

And - did you read Georgia's news?  A Superbowl ice drop pattern!    thx Wally.    Link here:


Madtatter80 said...

Love you fish shuttles and the TIAS is fascinating isn't it :)

gracie said...

Waiting for the reveal....

Marilee Rockley said...

Such pretty colors, and they are looking like sharks so far!