Tuesday, February 06, 2018

TIAS 2018, d8

DAY EIGHT ......

 A pet sitting down -- the tail a bit of a puff?   (Clover brand shuttles embellished by The Lace-Lovin Librarian  ....

 little chick? duck?      (Sunlit shuttle embellished by Tollway Tatter, Denise W,     http://tattingcentral.com/guilds-workshops/tollway-tatters/ )
 maybe not .... pastel colors remind me of bunny, chick, soft Spring critters.

 ooooo .... a hat -- a special hat.   (hat is a magnet - needle minder from GF Beth )

 No?   Perhaps we are tatting a bump on a log!  ( frogger made by Barbara , Tollway Tatter http://tattingcentral.com/guilds-workshops/tollway-tatters/ )

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Madtatter80 said...

Okay I can see this, makes better sense than anything else so far.🤔💜